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At ISD, we are committed to providing the highest quality service for each aspect of design. Creating innovative spaces coupled with functionally-aesthetic installations makes each space unique without compromising the objectives of our clientele. Holistic in our approach, we strive to enhance the clients’ vision though ingenious design solutions executed by highly skilled artisans. Since each project is different, each must be met with a fresh perspective so that the resulting environment is individually outstanding. Besides taking an imaginative approach to design solutions, we take great pride in detailing architectural elements that are both artistically timeless and awe-inspiring. Working with trades who are impeccable in detail is essential to the success of our designs. Thus, we represent a team of highly talented artisans incomparable in their craft and that strive to make the details count. Available to assist you on an hourly or contractual basis, our staff is trained in not only architecture, design and building codes, but can also aid with staging, plan review, home or office organization, specifications and procurement.

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in+Elevated, has been launched this year to bring our imaginative product designs to the general market. From fireplace screens and sculptures to exclusive installations, furnishings and accessories, we hope to elevate the shopping experience in Park City. Inspired by art, architecture and design from far corners of the globe, our product offerings are unique to this market by any standard. Our exclusive collections are customizable, as are our installations. If you, your architect, or your designer are looking for something special, we are here to help make that vision a reality. Our artisans and designers are available by appointment to consult and assist in the creation of original, purposeful and relevant installations or objects to enhance any environment. This collective was created to not only elevate design standards, but also to enhance the standards of living of those artisans who make our designs possible. We believe that while we all have individual tastes, it is in collaboration that we connect, and through that connection, we hope our efforts give back to our artisans, their communities, and this world we co-inhabit.

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For years, we have strived to imbue the homes of our clientele with details of perfection; and now, we recognize our greatest passion lies in the sourcing and selection of unique finishes and in the design of distinctly relevant objects and structures. Thus, while ISD will continue to take on projects demanding complete architectural and design details, we are about to launch a design center in Park City to commercially display our favorite surfaces and fixtures, and to provide consulting and managerial services to the trade/industry. Assisting not only homeowners and developers, but also architects, builders, and designers with the selection and layout of products we have within our facility, our diverse and talented team of designers and artisans can creatively support the needs and vision of all our clients. Available for hourly consultation, our staff can assist with sourcing, specifications, purchasing, and the referral of qualified trades to make your vision a reality. Unlike many traditional firms, our mission is to collaborate with the trade, rather than compete by providing creative input to truly elevate design in the marketplace.

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Our Process

  • Meet + Agree
  • Collaborate + Envision
  • Design + Develop
  • Implement + Install

Sincerely driven to fulfill the dreams of each family member, during the initial meeting our team will ascertain the individual and collective needs of our clients. By establishing objectives, we will work with you to clearly define our role in the process of bringing your vision to reality. Versed in all aspects of design and building, we strive to make the process of designing and building your home profoundly satisfying.

Most sought after for the unique perspective we bring to space planning and the surfaces that bring those spaces to life, we will collaborate with your architect and builder, to envision a home beyond your expectations. During this phase, creative conceptual drawings and other collateral will be presented by the team for evaluation.

Once preliminary concepts are approved, ISD will work with your architect to manifest our vision into working drawings reflecting your individual style and taste while attending to the details that make each of our projects extraordinary. Attentive to detail, floor-plans and elevations will show the surfaces, fixtures and finishes we propose echoing the personality of your family and its unique interests.

ISD realizes that your home reflects who you really are and thus we are available to recommend sophisticated furnishings to compliment the unique spaces created for you. Drawing from a vast cache of suppliers from far reaching corners of the world, ISD is unsurpassed in their ability to punctuate spaces with not only custom designed pieces, but also artifacts and home furnishings that will transform any environment into your home. Striving to enhance the quality of your life and enhance your experience, we will provide support to procure and install all approved furnishings, accessories and art.

What Inspires Our Team


Owner - Interior Designer

Moved by the natural order of all things, Sheri is intrigued by the relationship our surroundings have on creating balance in our lives. That passion is apparent in her approach to every aspect of her life, whether it be on the yoga mat or through aesthetic architectural collaborations.



Todd is inspired by unique but quality design whether it be graphics, musical compositions, or physical environments. He is moved by humanity that reflects genuine sincerity, respect, and appreciation for others and their surroundings.


Metal Fabricator

Driven to perfection, Mike is passionate about form and the finer attention to details that make his work extraordinary. On the unique occasion that he is not working his art form, he’s most likely found en route to a client’s home.

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